Ready to Live Outside the Lines of Your Story?

Do you roll your eyes when someone says, “Life is a story. Make yours a best seller.”

I do. I know all about having a life story that had more potential to line the bottom of a bird cage than it did climbing any book charts. And when my life started to emulate the book I had just written, I kept looking for ways to write myself out of it.

Hi! I’m Holly C. Wyse

I wrote an award-winning fiction novel…and then lived it.

All of us have storylines we want to evacuate. Whether you do the drastic blue-hair-don’t-care act of desperation in a beauty salon or a sudden pick up and move to a new location and new life–we have all tried to create our own plot twists to change our life path. Yet, every attempt seems to lock us into the same old storyline we know about ourselves.

Are you ready to live outside the lines of your story?

You can, you know?

Everyone is quick to toss around the idea that it begins with “owning your story.”

But what does that mean in a practical way?

What does your faith look like when you wade into the deep, dark places that  Netflix usually drowns out?  And once we recognize those deep wounds, can our faith stand up to the dark parts of our human heart? Can Jesus really be enough for our story? Can even our most embarrassing, painful, shame-inducing stories become redemption songs sung back to a loving Saviour?


It goes beyond owning your story…it’s about learning to Love Your Story and the Author who is writing it.

Ready to learn?


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